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Luke has tried his hand at just about every job you can think of, generally succeeding in them to. A former chef, bar manager, events manager, off road activity instructor are to name just a few of the roles he has held. Married to the fabulous Sarah and blessed with their son Elliot and daughter Eden. They all live together in the vast, flat and open countryside of Norfolk in the UK

Luke is well travelled and back packed his way throughout Australia and its outback driving all the way from Melbourne to Darwin via many stunning destinations and then on to New Zealand and various countries throughout South East Asia. Luke speaks French to a level he describes as “sounding like the village idiot but they understand what I am getting at” and has travelled most of the stunning country and various other parts of central Europe.

Luke has been a gamer since he found a copy of Heroquest kindly bestowed under the Christmas tree by Santa when he was 9 years old. He will regale you happily with his first joyful, wide eyed and excited visit to a Games Workshop and the start of his true plunge into the hobby. He continued with Games Workshop for many years often enjoying the specialist games range and exploring various of miniatures games to satisfy his intense desire to paint miniatures to a level somewhere close to “that’s pretty good”. In 1993 he discovered Magic the Gathering and continued this exploration into various CCGs in the boom of the 90s.

Luke claims to have started his board game collection with Cyclades and never looked back. A self described omni-gamer he will sit down and enjoy anything from a dice chucker, party game to heavy euro (unless it is Talisman or an Uwe Rosenberg game, don’t mention those around him unless you have an hour to listen to the rant). His favourite game of all time is Mythic Battles Pantheon due to his love of Greek Mythology.

Luke is jokingly coined the “Butler of the Dice Tower” as he hosts the DT crew when they come over for the UK Games Expo.

Luke currently works for Pledge Manager company Gamefound as their Key Account Manager.

You can hobby with Luke during his live streams or watch other content he has created on his Youtube channel Standard Tabletop that covers all facets of the hobby but centres around the miniatures and painting aspects.

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July 30, 2020
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Zee Garcia has a chat with Luke Prior! Day 122.

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June 5, 2020
Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Zee chats with Luke Prior. Day 77.

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