Contributor: Sharon Madden

Dice Tower East Director

I'm thrilled to be a part of The Dice Tower and organizing Dice Tower East! I was first introduced to boardgames after my husband, Warren, and I moved to Atlanta in 1996. While shopping at our local Gamekeeper, Warren found a board-game group in our area. At first, he went by himself a few times and then ever-so-slowly, he encouraged me to come along. At first, I was a little intimidated with these Euro games that I had never heard of. But, as I started playing them and learning more new games and then (and this is the best part!!) meeting new people and making new friends, I realized that I had discovered a new hobby. Fast-forward about 20 years and a move to Florida, and I'm living a board-gamer's dream of playing games and planning a fun-filled board-game convention!

Prior to joining The Dice Tower, I served as treasurer of my homeowner's association for 3 years and worked for Porsche Cars. I held a variety of positions, from administrative assistant to the GM of Marketing to fulfillment specialist to sales training specialist. While at Porsche, I received my "Zertifikat Deutsch" from the Goethe-Institut, which recognizes German as a second language. I can also speak Czech.

In addition to board-gaming, I love to cook, read, travel, and do yoga.

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June 10, 2022
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Tom, Sharon, & Camilla take questions for Dice Tower East!

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July 1, 2020
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Welcome to the Summer Spectacular 2020! In this section, Tom talks to Sharon Madden (Dice Tower East director), Timm Metivier (Dice Tower West director), Kenny Sardina (Dice Tower Retreat), and Jason Levine (Dice Tower Cruise director) about what it's like to run a board game convention.