Component Quality: Wooden Bits

Podcast Episode Featuring This Top 10

Featured in episode 63 released on 24 Aug 2006.

Notes on the list:
Tom -

  • # 10 is a placeholder for all Pin International Games, such as Fire & Ice, Balancing Aliens, Outfoxed, etc.
  • I left dexterity games off my list because so many of them (Crabande, Crokinole, etc.) would simply dominate the list.
  • My list is based on the "cool" factor of the wooden pieces, not my overall rating of the game.
  • # 1 stands for all games Carcassonne, not just the City.  Although it is the bets.


  • I went for the top ten games with fun factor for my list.
  • I also left out games that we talk about quite a bit on the air (Game of Thrones, Carcassonne, etc.), or games that have recently been in a top ten list of mine (Kahuna, Balloon Cup, etc.)
  • I had a few two-player games in there because I think that two-player games somtimes get overlooked when we get to talking about the bigger games and such.