Board Game Comparison

Mansions of Madness Vs Journeys in Middle Earth with Bryan

Bryan takes a look at another Vs. Video! This time the 2 competitors are FFG's Journeys in Middle Earth vs. Mansions of Madness 2E

For more videos from Bryan on The Dice Tower check out this playlist.

Join us for the Dice Tower Retreat:

Ambie and Crystal's BGG.CON 2018 Vlog Part 2

Ambie and Crystal vlog their adventures at BGG.CON 2018!

Part 1 here:

Day 2 (Thursday): 0:12
--18Chesapeake: 0:13
--Pecan Lodge: 1:10
--Exhibitor Hall: 2:43
--Rail Pass: 3:04
--Just One: 4:21
--Fireball Island: 6:04
--Men at Work: 7:01
--War of the Ring: 8:10
Day 3 (Friday): 8:50
--Cupcake Empire: 8:51
--1830: 9:39
--Torchy’s Tacos: 10:19
--Spiel-a-Thon: 11:13
--Inside Voices / Board Game Blitz Meetup: 13:48
Day 4 (Saturday): 14:34


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