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Gen Con Vlog - Day 2

The Dice Tower takes you through some more of the highlights from Gen Con 2022. The tiredness is taking its toll on us, but that won't stop the fun. Trying out a few new games, discovering secrets the halls hold, and I'm really tired as I post this. Enjoy!

Gen Con Vlog - Day 1

The Dice Tower takes you to Gen Con 2022, starting with the first official day of the con, also known to the world as "Thursday." The doors are busted open and you can't get the cat back in the box once it's out. From outer space to Brazil, check out the hot games, the cool booths, and the radical* people of Gen Con. *Amount of radicalness up to interpretation.

Spring Spectacular Board Game Breakfast Live - March 25th

Join Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Stephen Buonocore as they host a variety show of contributors for Board Game Breakfast.

COMING UP NEXT: Mike's Top 20-11 Solo Games of All Time and Dice Throne Adventures Live Play

Intro: 00:00
Ryan and Bethany: 02:57
Weeknight Games: 05:19
News: 07:28
Retro Board Game Corner: 22:20
Board Game Dads: 25:50
Showdown: 27:58
Clara M Baker: 39:46
Called to Cultivate: 41:56
Grant's Game Recs: 44:11
Closing Ceremonies: 46:20

Spring Spectacular 2021 Board Game Breakfast

Tom Vasel and the gang open the Spring Spectacular with a special Board Game Breakfast!

Intro/Contest: 00:00
Dice Tower West Update: 04:41
Dice Tower Retreat Updates: 05:41
Announcements: 06:20
Meeple University: 08:14
Ryan and Bethany: 09:51
Josh Yaks: 11:59
Dice Tower Productions: 14:01
By the Numbers: 16:20
Purge Reviews: 18:12
Grant's Game Recs: 19:47
2 Play or Not 2 Play: 21:40
Sponsor Update: 24:14
Tom Reviews Other Things: 32:45
No Enemies Here: 38:45
Closing Ceremonies41:45

Essen Spiel 2022 Vlog - Day 4 So Long, Farewell

The Dice Tower finishes their coverage of the 2022 Essen Spielfaire. Thank you to everyone who talked with us; supported us by buying promos; watched the vlogs; or in any way, shape, or form encouraged our general odd behavior. We will now sleep on an airplane and return to the land down under, where oranges grow and gators plunder. Can't you hear can't you hear the thunder? We better fly. We better take cover. Tom should not leave me in charge of writing these descriptions.


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