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Speakeasy Blues Teach & Play

In this week's Teach & Play, Michael and Mandi try to run the most successful Speakeasy by gaining favour from various mob families and the cops, getting celebrities into their clubs, and amassing valuable collections, in Speakeasy Blues, by Artana Games.

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How to Play Cutthroat Kingdoms in 6 Minutes - The Rules Girl

The Rules Girl takes a look at Cutthroat Kingdoms, a game of area control, negotiation, and backstabbing for 3-6 players. In Cutthroat Kingdoms, players represent Royal Houses, fighting over Territories, buying Hirelings and Mercenaries, and negotiating deals and marriage alliances, while avoiding the deadly Plague. Almost anything can be negotiated over in the world of Cutthroat Kingdoms, including money, passage to enemy lands, and even the initial turn order, making a sharp tongue just as important as a sharp blade.

How to Play Rubik's Flip in 2 Minutes - The Rules Girl

This week, the Rules Girl takes a look at Rubik's Flip, a dueling game by University Games for 2 players. In Rubik’s Flip, players compete for control of a 4x4 grid, flipping their opponent tiles are placing their own. The goal of the game is to win, and you win once 3 of your tiles of the same color are “locked” into a row, column, or diagonal stripe, meaning that they’re completely surrounded by other tiles.

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How to Play Ultimate Pub Trivia in 2 Minutes - The Rules Girl

The Rules Girl takes a look at Ultimate Pub Trivia, University Games’ team trivia game for four or more players. In Ultimate Pub Trivia, players form teams to answer all sorts of trivia questions. The goal of the game is to win, and your team wins by having the highest score at the end of 6 question rounds.

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