Gen Con Vlog - Day 4

The Dice Tower ends their on-site coverage of Gen Con 2022 with the final travel vlog, covering the last day of the convention as well as the tear-down of the booth and the wrap-up of it all. While the convention may be over, our legs will be sore for days to come. A gentle keepsake to remind us of the good times.

History of the Dice Tower: Anthology

Here it is everyone! All of the Dice Tower history series in one convenient video. Make some popcorn, sit back and relax as Tom presents The History of the Dice Tower: Anthology.

0:13 Introduction
1:17 Chapter 1: The Very Beginning
14:39 Chapter 2: CCG’s, Miniatures, and Korea
28:16 Chapter 3: Starting the Podcast
45:02 Chapter 4: Building the Vision
1:00:03 Chapter 5: Video Killed the Written Star
1:17:38 Chapter 6: Changes
1:29:27 Chapter 7: Jack
1:44:37 Chapter 8: The Network
2:01:02 Chapter 9: Full Time


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