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The Village Crone

Finally, a game about a lesser known member of The Village People!  Will this worker placement/resource management offering from Fireside Games cast a spell on you, or will you feel like a Kansas house landed on you?  Cody takes a look!

Mow Money

All right, who wants their lawn mowed?  Holly takes a look at this offering from Mayday Games, and asks if this bidding game starts up on the first pull, or if the blades need sharpening.


Do you like bad horror movies?  Here's an offering from Rubio Games that purports to bring terror to the tabletop!  But will it hack and slash its way into your heart?  Cody investigates.

Star Trek: Frontiers

Space. The final frontier. These are the reviews of The Discriminating Gamer. His 11.5 minute mission: to seek out and review this new deck builder board game from WizKids. To boldly play what no man has played before...

Bomb Squad

Let's face it, bomb defusing should be a course in every high school.  Until then, we have this cooperative offering from Tasty Minstrel Games.  Will you and your friends explode with delight?  Or has it all been blown out of proportion?

Here, Kitty, Kitty!

I've often thought the biggest problem with cats is that they are not dogs.  That said, will this new offering from Fireside Games be a purrfect contest, or will it leave you catatonic?  You got to be kitten me!


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