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5 Golden Games 2019 Edition with Bryan and Karla!!!

Bryan and special guest Karla Drake take a look at their 5 favorite games from 2019!!!

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5 @ Spiel: Picks for Large Groups - with Zee Garcia

Zee looks ahead to Spiel-Messe and picks his top 5 anticipated games for large groups (8+ players).

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Top 5 Annoying Types of Gamers - Dice Tower Con 2019

Tom, Crystal, Eric, Zee, Mandi and Sam give you their Top 5 Annoying Types of Gamers.

Filmed live at Dice Tower Con 2019

We had some difficulties with audio and video. We apologize for that, but due to popular demand Tom decided to repost it. There were some attempts to fix the audio, and it is better than it was, but please note that there is still some garbled dialogue and room noise.



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