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Posted on July 5, 2020 - 12:14am.
Bethany MorrisHues and Cues
Crystal ChenSanctum
Daniel KaiserHEL: The Last Saga, Berserker Pledge
Dorothy HarmonSanctum
Jared OrlandoHues and Cues
Jean-Nicolas GauthierDragonimo
Ken LoudonSanctum
Michael CareyAnimix
Michael SimonsTelestrations
Steve GibbsTelestrations
Posted on July 4, 2020 - 3:30am.
Brian IavicoliDice Tower Tshirt
Andy KimRobinson Crusoe
Brooke LewisHues and Cues
Dallan ChristensonHues and Cues
Debbie LoweHarry Potter House Cup
Deborah CainDice Tower Tshirt
Elliot HansonDice Tower Tshirt
Jeff AngusRobinson Crusoe
Jordan WongExchange
Kyle KlepelTelestrations
Kyle TaslerHarry Potter House Cup
Matthew WeaverHarry Potter House Cup
Michael HorstmeyerBarbarian Hordes Expansion 
Neil ErredgeHarry Potter House Cup
RJ RippleBarbarian Hordes Expansion 
Shawn ThomasTelestrations
Shawna TaylorThe Alpha
Stefan HoudeshellRobinson Crusoe
Will ShipleyExchange
Zach DahlThe Alpha
Posted on July 3, 2020 - 3:14am.
Brian BonecutterCross Clues
Chelsea SiacaCross Clues
Chris MayfieldRose Ceremony
Eric LosiewiczRose Ceremony
Gary SimpsonDice Tower Tshirt
Handinata TanudjajaDice Tower Tshirt
Ian BachRose Ceremony
Jacob PezCross Clues
Jeff ClarkDice Tower Tshirt
Jon RiesenbeckAnimix
Joshua TannerHEL: The Last Saga, Berserk pledge
Melissa EnglertAnimix
Michael PonceRobinson Crusoe
Monica MurphyBarbarian Hordes Expansion
Patrick ClaflinBarbarian Hordes Expansion
Phillip WeddleCross Clues
Randy HannawayDragonimo
Richard ShortDragonimo
Posted on July 2, 2020 - 2:29am.
Alex VillanuevaInfinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter
Camilo Andrés Torres Mogollon
Eight Minute Empire (iOS)
Cary HomerBarbarian Hordes Expansion
Chad IkewoodEight Minute Empire (iOS)
Daniel FickEight Minute Empire (Steam)
James ReidInfinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter
Jeff KnappExchange
Kourtney WilsonInfinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter
Krista WoodThe Alpha
Kyle E AllenEight Minute Empire (Steam)
Luke TutterowThe Alpha
Lydia GasseSanctum
Michael MieschExchange
Patrick Ross, Ph.D.Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter
Rami AloufiInfinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter
Richard MaassRobinson Crusoe
Richard RossThe Alpha
Zach ValentinExchange
Posted on July 1, 2020 - 4:42am.
Alex KopowskiSanctum
Allen BrownCross Clues
Ashley KnappTales of Bar-BEARia (KS)
Brian HallDice Tower Tshirt
Carson SymmondsTelestrations
Craig DavisTales of Bar-BEARia (KS)
David SkinnerTales of Bar-BEARia (KS)
Forrest BoydHarry Potter House Cup
Frank VicariEight Minute Empire (iOS)
Jared FriesenEight Minute Empire (Steam)
Jason PenixTales of Bar-BEARia (KS)
Joseph DeBarrAnimix
Joshua SturgeonDragonimo
Justin WestRose Ceremony
Paul FaradayTales of Bar-BEARia (KS)
Roseann PapalimperisEight Minute Empire (iOS)
Ryan GreenEight Minute Empire (Steam)
Saleena ChiuDice Tower Tshirt
Scott FleuryDragonimo
Shaun McmenaminHues and Cues
Travis MattinglyAnimix
Posted on June 27, 2020 - 4:47pm.

Join Tom and the Dice Tower crew for 5 days of live plays, publisher interviews, Daily Top 10’s, prize giveaways and other surprises!  And, don’t forget to check out our awesome merchandise in our exclusive Dice Tower East and Summer Spectacular collections!  Visit our web page at dicetower.com/summerspectacular for more information about our fantastic publishers, our complete broadcast schedule and our exclusive merchandise!

Posted on June 23, 2020 - 10:34am.

In this episode we review The Search for Planet X, Woodlands, The Captain is Dead, and Trails of Tucana. We also give first impressions on The Whatnot Cabinet and Deep Vents. A quick trip to Tap That App with Griftlands and then a wrap with Victory Points discussion what board games can learn from video games.

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