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Russian Railroads

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    Ryan Metzler
    Rating: 8.0
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Ryan examines this brand new board game!

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    Game Boy Geek
    Rating: 5.0
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Dan takes a look at this worker placement train game

Podcasts Featuring this Game

TDT # 363 - To the South Pole!

In this episode, we take a look at Shadowrun Crossfire, Russian Railroads, Roads and Boats, Battle Sheep and more! We discuss the Dice Tower Convention 3, point out Tom's glaring error, and talk about the future of the show. Finally, we talk about what games to take with you to the South Pole!

TDT # 346 - Good Mistakes

In this show, we have another tale of Horror, and talk about Adventure Time Card Game, Hawken, Knockout, Concordia, Russian Railroads, and Coconuts. Tom discusses his new book shelves, Brian talks about the Bottle Imp, we have another Unpub minute, Greg goes to another store, and much, much more!