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Good Cop Bad Cop

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    Game Boy Geek
    Rating: 5.5
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Dan King examines this small party card game

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    Tim Jennette
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Tim examines this fun little card game

Podcasts Featuring this Game

TDT # 385 - Party Games

In this episode, we are joined by Bill Carrigan to once again talk about board games. We look at X-Files the game, Happy Pigs, the Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Istanbul, Hanabi Deluxe, and more! We also answer a bunch of questions, then end the episode with our top ten party games!

TDT # 374 - A Horn, CosmicCon, and Catan

In this episode, we take a look at the new Wok Star, Vivajava the Dice Game, Impulse, Bucket King 3D, Star Realms, Warhammer 40K Conquest, and Good Cop Bad Cop. Eric tells an extremely sad hotel story, we hear another tale of horror, and Tom talks about both CosmicCon and the Fantasy Flight Event Center. Finally, we end with Eric interviewing Stu Paul, director of the short film The Lord of Catan.