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Mr. Jack

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  • Zee Garcia Avatar
    Zee Garcia
    Rating: 10.0
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Zee takes a look at this revamped version of the two-player deduction game from publisher Hurrican.

  • Member
    Game Boy Geek
    Rating: 9.0
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Dan examines the two-player game Mr. Jack

  • Member
    Ryan Metzler
    Rating: 7.0
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Ryan takes a look at this deduction game.

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TDT # 72: Top Ten Games from Essen 2006

Not so much regular news this week, but we continue our contest for Quest for the Dragonlords. I review Take Stock, and we discuss our Hot Games of the Month. We answer some questions, but the main part of our show is a special report from Rick Thornquist and Moritz Eggert