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Dice Tower Now 689: July 6, 2020

This week, an ambassador for the hobby hangs up his hat, Corey takes us on a journey to learn what exactly a board game developer does, and Kitty and Chris discuss the Kickstarter campaigns for "Eila and Something Shiny" and "Hybris: Disordered Cosmos."



  • "Wingspan" takes home the Dice Tower Award for Best Game of the Year, with "Maracaibo" and "Horrified" winning Best Strategy Game and Best Coop respectively.
  • Stephen Buonocore to retire as President of Stronghold Games.
  • Get ready to welcome the King and Queen in a new card game based on the "Downton Abbey" movie.
  • Go off the top rope with "WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game."
  • Return to Middle-earth in Reiner Knizia's "The Lord of the Rings - Anniversary Edition."
  • Will Wheaton takes a ride with Bicycle.
  • Plan B announces the final game in the "Century: Golem" trilogy.
  • "Sonora" from Pandasaurus Games arrives in retail.



  • Pendulum
  • Lost Ruins of Arnak
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Godzilla: Tokyo Clash



  • Corey talks to industry leaders to get to the bottom of what exactly board game developers do.



  • Eila and Something Shiny
  • Hybris: Disordered Cosmos