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Dice Tower Now 693: August 3, 2020

This episode, Corey wraps up his exploration into the role of board game developers, we take a look at some of the big announcements out of Gen Con Online, and Kitty and Chris discuss the Kickstarter campaigns for "The Fuzzies," "Petrichor: Collector's Edition" (and "Cows" expansion), and "Clash of the Cryptids."



  • Build the Big Apple in "Santorini New York."
  • "7 Wonders" gets a fresh look.
  • "Dinosaur Island: Roar N' Write" and "Dinosaur World" mark their territory.
  • Establish the Port of San Francisco with "Embarcadero."
  • "Epic Encounters" brings big monsters to your TTRPG.
  • "Tidal Blades: The Roleplaying Game" in the works.
  • TTS offers a spoiler-free demo of "Pandemic Legacy: Season 0."
  • "Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game" to get an exclusive window at hobby game stores.
  • "X-Men: Mutant Insurrection" coming in early 2021.
  • Groot and Rocket Raccoon take "Marvel Champions: TGC" into deep space.
  • "Prophecy of Kings" grows the galaxy of "Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition)."
  • "Descents: Legends of the Dark" teased by Fantasy Flight.
  • Hobby game sales up in 2019.
  • "Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles" and "Dead Reckoning" go big on Kickstarter.
  • Mythic Games settles IP dispute over "Time of Legends: Joan of Arc."
  • Cold-blooded "Lizard Wizards" are hot.



Corey discusses who does and does not need a developer on their board game.



  • Fallout Shelter: The Board Game
  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Baker Street Irregulars
  • Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game
  • Philosophia: Dare to be Wise
  • Kids on Brooms
  • The Magnificent