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Great Western Trail - Episode 054

Graeme Anderson

Great Western Trail - Episode 054

We visited a local con called Play and Pub and we quickly talk about the games we've played there, followed by our regular report of published games we've played.

We have a quick look at :

Please Drive Through

Poisoner's Guild

Synx Trap and the Larklamp

Camelot 101

Mercenaries of the Right

Random Encounter Plains of the Troll king

First Class

Mission Red Planet


Phew! We then look at our review game of the podcast - Great Western Trail. As usual we look at the theme and components, as well as the learning curve and the iconography in the game. We also discuss if this is just a box of euro mechanisms, and is that a bad thing? What about the overall game length, and the limited ability of players to rush the ending? This was on Graeme and Megan's top games for 2016, does it still stand up after repeated plays?