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Greg Franseth

In this episode, we return to our normal schedule.

In this show, we talk about Magnum Opus, Who Stole the Cookie?, Istanbul, Heroes

In this episode, we talk about X-Wing, Mai Star, Happy Birthday, Arkadia Quest, X

In this show, we have another tale of Horror, and talk about Adventure Time Card

In this show, we look at the games Mush Mush, Robinson Crusoe, Scoville, K2,

In this episode, Tom and Eric podcast live from GenCon 2012!

Open or Closed Scoring is a classic argument that seems to be around forever, so

In this show, we add two new contributors, one who takes a look at Clout: Fantasy

In this episode, Geoff talks about giant numbers, and Greg descends into Madness.

There seems to be some sort of invasion on this show, coming from Origins.

Tom and Eric talk about several new games, including Empires of the Void and Hawa

In this show, we review several games, including Shootout, Nefarious, and Catan J

In this show, we find out what's happening with Dexter, Mark makes a huge mistake

In this episode, Geoff talks about Power Creep, while Moritz reviews Shadow Era.&