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Ambie Valdés

About Me

Starting with classics like Clue and D&D with her family as a child, then modern games like Dominion and Tichu with her college friends, Ambie has always had fun playing games. After graduating college, she and her boyfriend (now husband) started building up a collection and getting more into the hobby together. Now, Ambie plays a lot of games with her husband and their friends. They enjoy games that integrate the mechanics well with the theme, which is what inspired her Strategically Thematic segment for Throat Punch Lunch. Some of Ambie's favorite games are 18xx, The Resistance: Avalon, Arkwright, Dungeon Petz, Space Alert, and Tragedy Looper.

Ambie has a lot of hobbies related to board gaming. She likes singing and has been making board game song parodies since 2014. She cohosts Board Game Blitz, a podcast (and videos) devoted to concise gaming content. She also likes making things through knitting, crocheting, sewing, or painting. You can find Ambie as 'ambierona' on most social media places.
You can contact Ambie at [email protected].