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Jason Levine

Jason Levene Dice Guy
Jason Levine
Board Game Reviewer
All Purpose Fixer
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About Me

Jason has been a contributor with the Dice Tower since 2013 and can be seen on Board Game Breakfast as well as Board Game Blender. He also shows up in a lot of Live Plays as well as Question & Answer sessions from Dice Tower Headquarters in Miami.
Jason has been gaming since the early age of 5 and entered the world of strategy games when he was 15. Since that time he has seen the rise and fall of Avalon Hill, the birth of Magic, the importing of Settlers of Catan and the invention of Dominion! All milestones in the gaming industry.
You can find Jason at the Dice Tower booth at various conventions throughout the year as well as at the World Boardgaming Championships. Please say hello when you see him as he loves to talk with all the fans of the Dice Tower about any boardgaming topics or just life in general.
In his daily life, Jason is a graphic designer for Univision and has in the past worked for such companies as ESPN, CNN, CBS and ABC. He resides in Miami and can be seen frequenting Dice Tower Headquarters (ie Tom's House) on a regular basis. Other activities include Scuba Diving and catching the latest movies, concerts and sporting events.
Jason is a huge Star Wars fan and can be seen playing any and all the games based on the movies. He also loves Eurogames that use deep thinking strategy. As the biggest omnigamer of the team, Jason will play almost anything and 99% of the time enjoy the game and the experience, whether it be a wargame or a party game. This is a social hobby we all have after all :)
In his words..."Everything Is Awesome"!