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Board Game Breakfast: Episode 17 - A Defense of Theme

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Tom Vasel and friends take a look at the board game news, reviews, and more!

Notes (thanks to Timothy!)
0:00 - Opening Credits
0:21 - Hello/Light news/Thanks to

1:23 - ZMAN Games News
1:48 - Red Raven News
1:58 - Lords of Xidit News
2:17 - Stronghold Games News
2:36 - AEG Games News
2:48 - Upper Deck News
3:26 - GMT News
3:45 - Privateer Press News
4:02 - Blue Orange Games News

Kickstarter Update (Guest Segment)
4:29 - Kickstarter News

Upcoming Games
6:25 - New and Upcoming Releases

Board Art (Guest Segment)
7:19 - Scrabble Art

9:11 - What is the best Dungeon Crawl?

Games in 60 Seconds (Guest Segment)
11:45 - S.O.S. Titanic

Let's Take A Look At... (Guest Segment)
12:44 - Tokaido

Dicetower Video
14:20 - Upcoming Reviews and Podcasts

Building Your Game Group (Guest Segment)
16:54 - Where to Begin

Board Game Apps (Guest Segment)
19:00 - Pandemic

Tom Thinks.
20:40 - Tom Will Not Apologize

Snakes and Lattes Presents
26:50 - Snakes Favourites: Cockroach (KakerLaken) Poker

28:34 - Goodbye/Thanks/Don't forget the Audio versions
29:17 - Check out and
29:27 - Thanks to our sponsor, Cool Stuff Inc.

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Tom Vasel
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