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Dice Tower # 440 - Asmodee, Inc.

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In this episode, we talk about The King is Dead, Cat Tube Famous, But Wait, There's More!, Splash!, the Magic Board Game Expansion, Game of Gnomes, Mess Machine, and Telepathy (Magic Minds and Brain Freeze). We have three tales - one of horror, one of treachery, and one of outrage! Brian, Dan, and Mary join us, and the whole group discusses the latest announcement from Asmodee North America.

1:07 - Intro
4:04 - The King is Dead
7:11 - Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers - Battle for Zendikar
9:10 - CatTube Famous
11:46 - Game of Gnomes
15:44 - But Wait There's More!
17:59 - Mess Machine
20:57 - Splash!
23:04 - Telepathy (Brain Freeze, Magic Minds)
25:27 - Another Tale of Boardgaming Horror
31:13 - Conventions 2016
35:39 - Tale of Outrage
40:50 - Cult of the Old - Tonga Bonga
44:25 - Forming a Board Game Group
48:24 - Tidbits and Gaming Tips
49:54 - Yet Another Tale of Betrayal
55:37 - Question of the Week: What do you think about the New Asmodee North America Policies?
1:10:10 - Outro

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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
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Eric Summerer