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The Dice Tower 458 - I Hate This Box

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In this episode, we are taking a look at Isle of Skye, Stratos, Exodus Expansion, Magic duel deck, Stratos, and more! We hear about a pig race, the history of Carcassonne, GameTek, and how to deal with horrible boxes. And a pile of questions and answers!
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1:07 – Intro
3:01 – Future Tom!!!!
3:40 – Games We've Played
3:41 – Isle of Skye
9:00 – Exodus Edge of Extinction
11:12 – Stratos
23:03 – Magic the Gathering duel deck
24:31 – Biography of a Board Game: Carcassonne
29:24 – Another Tale of Boardgaming Horror
34:22 – Cult of the Old: The Galloping Pigs
36:38 – Questions
58:47 – GameTek: How Theme & Mechanics are Linked
1:03:55 – Tale of Amazement
1:07:47 – Question of the Week: How Do You Deal with Mass Market Game Boxes
1:15:09 – Outro

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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Eric Summerer
Eric Summerer