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Dice Tower 496 - Not Enough!

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In this show, we talk about Bear Valley, Tricky Track, Picassimo, Castles of Calandale, Lady Richmond, and a chess tournament! We hear a tale of horror, a tale of friendship, a biography of a boardgame, competing opinions on Dungeon, and answer questions! Finally, we end the show talking about when components to a game turn us off from playing it!

1:15 - Intro
3:05 - Bear Valley
7:08 - Picassamo
9:11 - Tricky Track
11:41 - Castles of Calandale
13:43 - Chess Tournaments
18:51 - Lady Richmond
21:03 - Biography of a board game: Dungeon
25:15 - Boardgame Gumbo: Dungeon
29:10 - Another tale of Board Gaming Horror
36:09 - Cult of the Old: Age of Empires 3
38:23 - Q&A
47:33 - A Tale of Friendship
49:25 - Bringing Up the Meeple
53:25 - Dice Tower Question of the Week
What's the lowest component quality you will play with?
1:01:14 - Outro

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Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Eric Summerer
Eric Summerer