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Dice Tower Live: 18 Hours of Gaming! Part 3/3

Tom, Zee, Sam and friends all get together to play games for 18 hours. This is crazy, right?

Nick's live feed here of the board:

Games played
0:45 - Time's Up: Title Recall
1:02:27 - Pandemic: the Cure
1:53:16 - Spyfall
2:52:07 - Cosmic Encounter
5:14:30 - Escape: Zombie City
5:42:30 - Tumblin' Dice

Part 3/3

Part 1 will be here:
Part 2 will be here:

Tom Vasel
Tom Vasel
Zee Garcia Avatar
Zee Garcia
Sam Healey Dice Guy
Sam Healey
Jason Levene Dice Guy
Jason Levine