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The Secrets of Zorro - DT Preview with Mark Streed

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Tue, 05/21/2024 - 13:00

Mark takes a look at "The Secrets of Zorro". California, 1840. The legendary Zorro has been missing for months. The sad truth is that Don Diego de la Vega, the man behind the mask, has died among his loved ones. Taking advantage of this absence, the new governor has started to put his devious plan into action: he's oppressing the people to fuel his power grab in California. But he didn't anticipate the heirs of the masked vigilante — you! Together, you must work to topple the Governor before his scheme succeeds. You'll need to step into the shoes of vigilantes, sharpening your slyness and combat skills. With guidance from Zorro's teachings and the secrets he left, you'll fight to continue his legacy of justice. The Secrets of Zorro is a light strategy game with hidden information, some placement, many cards and combos. 

  • 0:30 Overview 
  • 1:39 Player boards 
  • 3:09 The Day 
  • 5:21 Advantage & Events 
  • 7:23 The Night 
  • 9:56 In summary
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