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Geoff Engelstein

About Me

Our family always enjoyed playing traditional games when I was growing up, but I mark my first foray into the wider gaming world at age 11, when I purchased my first Avalon Hill game, Richtofen’s War.  I attended my first Origins way back in ’78 when I was 14, in Chester, PA.  Through high school I continued to expand my gaming horizons, including RPGs, wargames, Star Fleet Battles, and more. 

I attended college at MIT, where I received degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Ancient History (honest!).  I was president of the MIT Strategic Gaming Society, which played a huge variety of games from multi-month wargames to ASL to Acquire to 18xx games. 

After marrying my lovely wife Susan, and having two children my wargaming has diminished quite a bit, replaced by Euro’s.  We now play a lot as a family, which is one of my favorite times, and the kids, now 13 and 11 enjoy everything from Puerto Rico to Heroscape to Descent.  Our game collection has steadily grown over the years, but Tom has just about caught up to us.

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